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Boneless Rolled Seasoned Lamb Loin LAST WEEK

Spring Lamb
$19.99 Each

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min. 800g

DAY ONLY ARTISAN PRODUCE as seen on @countryproducepantry

My Boneless Sage Stuffing Seasoned Rolled Lamb Loin is delicious

100% Ethically Farmed Pasture Fed Lamb from our own family farm

Simply Roast for 45minutes in a hot oven 

Sprinkle with your favourite herbs & enjoy with steamed vegetables costed with sea salt & our Lard Ass Cultured Garlic Butter

I have used Thyme & Rosemary and a sprinkle of purple sage, however use your favourites to make this meal your own.

Farmed & Prepared with joy

from my family to yours


****In store product made to order and weighed at time of purchase $24.99kg

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