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 Congratulations on your fresh produce purchase of quality locally farmed produce from The Western Districts 

Here are some tips on maximising freshness for your delicious farmgate produce.

For some great country cooking recipes please visit the My Country Kitchen tab on the website!

Our best advice is cook, eat & enjoy your favourite produce as soon as it’s delivered.

Your produce been prepared and packed this morning, just for you.

Top Tips for wholesome meat & poultry; 

  1. All fresh meat & poultry can be frozen.
  2. Our packaging can occasionally prevent frozen items from thawing depending on when you open your Butcher Box. If the frozen items are still frozen get them straight into the freezer. Typical items include Chicken Kievs & pies.
  3. We do not recommend freezing products with pastry on them, they are one of the first meals you should cook & enjoy. Our pastry is made fresh and like all fresh pastry should be consumed within 3 days. Whilst we don't recommend freezing pastry it can be done with a minimal loss of flavour. Some of our produce using fresh locally hand made pastry are our hand made Sausage Rolls, Chicken Kevingtons & Wellingtons. 
  4. Crovaced boneless products last 2 weeks in the fridge, as long as your fridge is maintaining a constant temperature and its seals are in working order.
  5. We recommend using cryovaced red meat products with the bone in, within 8 days
  6. Our minced meats have no preservatives. Freeze or use within 24 hours, even if cryovaced.
  7. Poultry, pork and offal product should be consumed or frozen within 24 hours.
  8. Fresh chicken can be taken out of packaging rinsed and put on a china plate with glad wrap, which will gain an extra day from freezing.
  9. Beef and lamb can be marinated. Marinating will preserve the meats an extra 24-48 hours. This is best done when you receive your produce.
  10. Rest cooked meats at least 10 minutes before carving; this ensures your meat is tender, as well as easier to carve.
  11. Meat should be carved across the grain to ensure meat is even more tender, and easier to cut.
  12. Meat must be refrigerated below 40C to avoid spoilage. Test your fridge annually. Most commonly dealing with your fridge seals can solve fridge temperature issues.

Enjoy and please click on individual product descriptions for more advice, tips and tricks for preparation and cooking.